In Singapore, with an average temperature of 28 degrees around the year, many home and public areas are often air conditioned to ensure Singaporeans stay cool to combat the heat from the raging hot sun.

Although prices of air conditioning are expensive, many homeowners in Singapore are still willing to invest in an air conditioning as it can be extremely unbearable during the warmer months of the year. It is now a common lifestyle necessity for many Singaporean household as they use their air conditioning daily.

Air Conditioning, like any machine, with higher usage require more attention and care to ensure the longevity of the equipment. Regular air conditioning service is then required to ensure the aircon runs on an optimally for the many years to come.

How to Save On Your Electrical Bills?

As your aircon usage increases, it comes as no surprise that servicing regularly is important. As we mention above, higher usage increases the possibility of higher wear and tear regardless of the brand of your air conditioning.

The amount of extra money that you are paying for your electricity is usually a cause of a clog or dirty aircon. A cleaner aircon needs to work less hard to cool your place which in turns reduces your electricity bill.

Things You Can Do as A Homeowner

All air conditioning comes with a filter that is easily accessible once the cover of your fan coil is lifted. By ensuring a clean filter, you are protecting your fan coil from trapping any dust or dirt. On top of that, a clean fan coil ensure that you are breathing in cleaner air making sure you & your family stay healthy.

It is recommended that you clean your aircon filter once every 3 months to avoid thick layers of dust and dirt to accumulate.

If you fear you might overlook cleaning your fan coil on a regular basis, you can engage an aircon service contractor to make sure that your aircon filters and fan coils are well cleaned on a yearly contract basis.

The aircon service contractor will contact you to arrange to come over to both inspect and clean your aircon once it is nearing the service dates.

Things Only an Aircon Contractor Can Do

Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

While many homeowners may think that chemical overhaul is unnecessary, it is highly recommended that it is done once a year.

During the process of your aircon chemical overhaul, the aircon service contractor will:

  • Remove Your Wall Mount Fan Coil
  • Using Specialised Chemicals to Thoroughly Clean Your Aircon
  • Inspect Your Existing Pipes & Drain for Blockage

This process ensures that your fan coil is clean while your pipes & drains are clean from any blockage which is usually the cause for many aircon problems.

aircon chemical maintenance servicing

Aircon Condenser Servicing

While newer HDB homes comes with air conditioning ledge, it is still not recommended for any homeowner to climb out of the window, without any proper equipment and tools to clean their aircon condenser. It is extremely dangerous and is never advisable to do so.

The process of aircon condenser servicing:

  • Ensure Proper Equipment & Tools Are In Place When They Exit Through Your Window
  • Using Specialise Chemical to Clean Your Outdoor Condenser Unit
  • Thoroughly Rinse the Condenser While Avoiding Any Electrical Components

Air Conditioning Cost

A System 3 Aircon unit usually cost from 3000 – 3300 depending on the brand. Instead of replacing your aircon unit once every 3-5 years, why not consider maintaining it regularly to increase the lifespan of your equipment.

A clean aircon will ensure healthier breathing air for your family while reducing your electrical bills for your household.

This will be more cost effective in the long run.