Mitsubishi Aircon Service & Repair Singapore

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric Asia is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a world leading manufacturer of products ranging from home electronics to satellite systems.

Mitsubishi Electric has been in Singapore for more than 40 years. They provide a wide range of products known for their innovation and excellent reliability including air conditioning.

As one of the leading aircon brand in Singapore, Mitsubishi has gain the trust and confidence of many home & business owners as their preferred choice.

How Can We Help With Your Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing & Repair ?

At Jetstyle Aircon Service, we provide a wide range of aircon services which includes general aircon servicing, chemical overhaul & aircon repair. We are a one stop mitsubishi aircon service provider that offers competitive rates and comprehensive aircon services.

For customers looking for Mitsubishi VRF aircon services, kindly check out our Mitsubishi VRF aircon services

Our aircon service team have more than 10 years of experience and we provide sales & installation of mitsubishi electric aircon.

Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing Rates

No. of aircon units One time service Promotion
2 fan coil units $30 / unit 30 days warranty for workmanship
$80 for your first Jet Wash Condensing Unit
Free Aircon Gas Top Up
3 fan coil units $25 / unit

Mitsubishi Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting

Services Rendered Fees Description
Site Survey & Inspection $50 Waived Upon Engaging Us

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Philip and Ah Yong are so professional and helpful. I will definitely find help from them again. Such a decent experience.
Rex Lam
Rex L.
Team 1 did a great job at servicing my aircon. Helped to confirm that there was a gas issue with my aircon and proposed solutions. Very professional and polite. Recommended.
Elaine Zhou
Elaine Z.
Was the last week of Dec. Aircon started to leak. Called many and no one replied except for JetStyle. They found a slot for me and confirmed almost on the spot. Thanks for their coordination for their technician, they arrived very promptly and went ahead to diagnose and performed whatever they think it’s best to fix the leaking air con unit. They are very professional and shared what they think was the problem. The clearing of the choke pipe also left them with “jelly” from the choke pipe all over their polo and they never even make a single complain.Left me good impression. Now I am looking forward to have JetStyle doing my regular servicing. Kudos to them! Definitely highly recommended. Price is reasonable as well.
Alan Morghan
Alan M.
Have engaged them a few times. Very professional, on time and always do a very good and honest job. And most importantly very fair in pricing also 👍
Akram M
Akram M
Top quality service. Thoroughly cleaned 5 units. Took the ti.e to do it right.
Fergus Kennedy
Fergus K.
I've been searching for AC contractor and Jetstyle caught my attention based on their good review. I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try. Their customer service were prompt friendly and responsive! The team came 15min earlier. We were attended by Team 1 Phillip, Chong & Ling, and they were friendly and good. I did a Unit chemical overhaul and 2 unit general cleaning. Later at night, I noticed there was a small issue on the AC and immediately notified the customer service. Phillip came the next day to rectify it. He was very attentive and issue was resolved! Highly recommend and will definitely use them again!
Charles Soh
Charles S.
Your technicians were able to solve my Daikin aircon power tripping problem quickly and efficiently.Cheng is very helpful, courteous n knowledgeable.Thank you for the assistance n the good job.
Sam Chua
Sam C.
Reyeden Goh
Reyeden G.
Team 1 did an amazing job. They assessed all units before recommending the service required. 1 unit chemical overhaul, 2 units jet-wash and jet-wash condenser unit. I am very happy with their efficiency and professional service. They cleaned up after their job is done. I had engaged many aircon cleaners in the past but non could match up with JetStyle. Thanks.
Anne Lim
Anne L.
Engaged Jetstyle to service my home AC for the first time.Phillip's team (T1) did a fantastic job of chemical wash for 1 unit and jet wash for another unit. Appreciate his advise and honesty.Highly recommended! Will engage Jetstyle again for future AC servicing.
Eddie Tiong
Eddie T.
T1 were very good and efficient in doing their jobs. Value for money would consider to have a monthly servicing.
Mohd Ali Rahiman
Mohd Ali R.
Friendly and knowledgable.
Was serviced by Kai and Zhong - they're extremely knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated. Will definitely recommend if you are looking for Aircon servicing!
Nate Ho
Nate H.
Very good service, professional and reasonablly priced. Will definetly use their services again.
Mohamed Akram s/o Abdul Hani
Mohamed Akram s/o Abdul H.
Jetstyle definitely live up to the great reviews. Kai and Ling are very professional and patient. They paid attention to my concerns and shared a few air con piping routes for my HDB. Very pleased with the workmanship and installation. Excellent job done and very neat trunking.Engaged Phillip team separately to service the air con at my old house and they are prompt in responses and quick to find suitable spare parts to fix my air con the next day. Honest and knowledgeable.Highly recommended! Will stick to Jetstyle for all my Aircon needs.
Jia Yan Ng
Jia Yan N.
I love how the technician is very professional and never attempt to ask me to add on alot of service. They do the job, clean, and leave. Will stick to them for my future aircon servicing.
I am very satisfied with Kai and Team for their thorough cleaning using JetWash Technique.Most company simply used a brush which has limited reach and cannot reach the dirt deep inside. This method may be cheaper, but not clean at all.I have a unit which has a smell, and after the JetWash it was not as strong as before. I highly recommended JetStyle JetWash method.
Nelson Soh
Nelson S.
Prompt & professional.
Aaira Omera
Aaira O.
I like Team 1. They were very efficient, professional and they take the effort to do a good job. My aircon is really clean, almost like new. The jet spray is fast and efficient and I’ll definitely ask them for cleaning again. They also shared some tips how to make the aircon give less problems.
Nate Grey
Nate G.
Had a leaking aircon unit and decided it was time to get a chemical overhaul. Being very dissatisfied with the existing company that I still have a contract with, decided to look for another company to do the servicing with. After browsing numerous facebook pages/websites, I chanced upon JetStyle and was immediately drawn to their attractive price and use of a 'jet spray' for washing. Contacted them and made a same day appointment. Extremely satisfied with Kai and team for providing such efficient service for the chemical overhaul. They were very meticulous throughout the whole process and even advised on tips to maintain my A/C unit. Have engaged 2 different companies in the past but non could compare with JetStyle. 100% will engage them for future servicing and repairs!
Isaac Mak
Isaac M.
I used their chemical cleaning service with complete dismounting of AC. This is the only way to clean the back and inner parts of the coil. Thank you!
Alex Aster
Alex A.
Kai and team did an amazing job! Everything was done thoroughly. He took us through every step, which was very helpful as we understood the state of our A/Cs and its requirements. Will definitely engage them again for future servicings!
Hazel Tiara Hans
Hazel Tiara H.
Good service and professional
Lee Fuat Sin
Lee Fuat S.
Efficient pro!
Cahaya Mutiara
Cahaya M.
Hi, I used their services several times... This time they had to hack a wall to conceal a pipe on several meters, to patch and paint. All was really done very professionally (I saw up to 5 specialists for the work, at the same time, at home!). Great job guys!
Dominique Vincent
Dominique V.
Excellent Local Service.
Wm Emery
Wm E.
Engaged Jetstyle in July 2020 to change out my condo's aircon systems along with concealed piping replacement. The customer service is great from the moment you request for a quote, to payment and installation. Kai and his team were very professional from the survey of my condo through the entire installation process. He was very honest with his feedback and advice on the selection of systems best fitted for my house, and kept me informed through the entire day.Will recommend their service and look forward to engaging Jetstyle for future aircon servicing as well.
Eldrick Saw
Eldrick S.
Thanks for the professional service from kai/ling/loi, now the musty smell on my aircons is gone. The JetWash servicing, that technicians' team suggested based on my aircon condition, is good and really working. It was a very nice experience.
Yangxi “Yangxi-PRI” FAN
Yangxi “Yangxi-PRI” F.
This is my 2nd time engaging their service. Team 1 did an excellent job in assessing and cleaning the aircon units. They arrived punctually. They are neat, dilligent and respectful to customer's properties. Philip and team provided us very professional advice on maintenance and is patient to explain on how cleaning process is done. Most importantly is they do not hard sell. The customer service is very responsive and friendly too. Happy and satisfied for the great job done! Thank you.
J w
J w
My regular ac servicing guy mia. Hence, decided to give jetstyle a try. Philip and his team were professional and did a wonderful job. My ac is so clean, it feels like new. I will definitely use them long term. Highly recommended. I am very satisfied with their quality of work!!
Jacqueline Lim
Jacqueline L.
They where recomended by a friend as my system had failed. Very professional and prompt on their promise and installed a new system within a week of asking for quote. They had determined the problem and manged to fit me into their schedule because I literally had no aircon.I will moving all my servicing/cleaning to them as my previous company was a let down which I had been with them for over 8 years.Highly recommended.
Chi-Wah Ho
Chi-Wah H.
My 1st time engaging their service today through a friend recommendation. They assessed all units before recommending the service required.2 units chemical overhaul, 2 units jet-wash and jet-wash condensing unit. Their cleaning were done professionally, explained and show every steps done.Honest, quality and professionalism is what I am looking for and they did it. Thanks the Ling Team for the advice and the great job done.
Pris Tan
Pris T.
I had a positive experience from engaging their air con servicing last week.The technicians were punctual with the appointment. They assessed all units before recommending the type of servicing required.They performed 2 x jetstyle washing and 2 x basic servicing on the 4 units. I was really impressed with the clean state of the units that were washed down by the jet spray.I was satisfied with the end result of the cleaning and I would recommend this to everyone.
Mohammad Shahid
Mohammad S.
Very good in servicing aircon. Very good in greeting customer also.. will definitely recommend friends and family to them..
Yee Kok Poh
Yee Kok P.
Professional service. Recommended!
Gabriel Ching
Gabriel C.
The service man came on time and very professional in cleaning aircon and very polite to customer.
Ivy Foo
Ivy F.
Very good in servicing aircon, and also very fast in cleaning aircon and also very clean. and attitude very good.
Hui Wen
Hui W.
Yap Chiew Hong
Yap Chiew H.
Thank you Philip and Chong for providing aircon service. Very fast and answers client querries straight to the point. Will take service again after 4 months.
Jey Efsi
Jey E.
My cousin called Jetstyle Aircon Services to "jetwash" all the units in the house. They are very punctual, they cleaned the aircon units thoroughly and even checked and explained everything in detail to us. Excellent service. I highly recommend them and also will continue asking them to clean and service my aircon units in future. Thank you Jetstyle Aircon
Angelica Mining
Angelica M.
First time ever having an aircon servicing team arrive early. I appreciate their honesty in evaluating the gas levels in the condenser units. I've had other aircon servicing companies try to con me into topping up the gas when it wasn't necessary. Good and clean servicing of the aircon units as well.
E F Ng
E F N.
My aircon was leaking and they managed to solve the problem. Friendly and efficient!
Excellent response! Arrived within 2hours from being contacted. Efficient, responsible and cleaned up after themselves. Well done you guys! You guys will be my go to aircon servicing company here on.
Buvanesh Jayamogan
Buvanesh J.
Excellent service and quality, friendly and responsible teams
kee ic
kee I.
Thanks for the excellent service. This is my first time to engage their service. I have contacted Jetstyle to do my air con chemical overhaul cleaning on 28 Sep 2019.The technicians have done an excellent service. The air con is very clean and shining after their chemical overhaul cleaning. Very friendly and helpful technicians. I have a very bad experience in another air con service company few months ago which that company didn't clean properly and some black patch still in the fan coil after chemical overhaul . I will definitely recommend Jetstyle Air con service company to all of you for their excellent service. Thanks the technician Chong and Philip who have done the excellent job. 👍👍👍. I will continue engage their services in future for sure.
koh sally
koh S.
Informative, friendly and professional servicemen - highly recommend!!! 🙌🙌
Rachel Lee
Rachel L.
Azmi Yunus Yunus
Azmi Yunus Y.
Excellent!!! & humble...very genuine... fantastic.. thank you so much Brian, Lim & Tiong.
Gurmit Kaur
Gurmit K.