DIY Methods to Clean Your Aircon

With Chinese new year around the corner, its the time of the year for spring cleaning. Many of us will wait till the very last moment before we pick ourselves up to start cleaning the mess that was accumulated in the past year.

Like all things when cleaning, our electrical items like fridge, fans and air-conditioning are usually cleaned during this period. As for reasons as to why you should clean your air-conditioning, you can read here

It is not only hygienic to have your electrical items well cleaned but you too can take the chance to inspect and address and possible fault should you face one and get it rectify immediately to avoid break down.

Below, we will share on things you can do as a homeowner and how you can clean your air-conditioning without hiring a professional

Cleaning Your Aircon Filters

The filters of your air-conditioning is the most accessible without much knowledge. By lifting the covers of your air-conditioning, you will be able to access the aircon filters.

Filter are advised to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid dust & dirt from accumulating. The dust & dirt found on your aircon filters are air drawn from your air-conditioned area. If dust & dirt is left ignored, your aircon will have a harder time drawing warm air which in turns, increases your electricity bill.

Once you locate the aircon filters, we recommend gently rinsing it with water to wash off any visible dust & dirt. Placed it back onto your aircon once your filters are dry to avoid any possible water damage.

Vaccum Your Aircon Fan Coil

If you have tried hiring a professional aircon service contractor, you will know that for general aircon servicing, most will use either high-pressure air blower or vacuum to remove any dust & dirt trap on your fan coil.

Using air to remove any trap dust & dirt is the most recommended method as it avoids damaging your aircon fan coil.

By removing your aircon filters, you will have access to your aircon fan coil. Most homeowners do not have the knowledge to remove the aircon casing and we recommend not trying to do so to avoid any possible damage.

Once you are able to see the fan coil, use a portable vacuum to gently move your vacuum around your fan coil. It is recommended to use a soft brush head while doing this process to assist in picking up dust & dirt stuck in between your coils.

Clean Your Aircon Case

Like all things, your aircon case is the first thing that your friends and relative will see once they set foot in your room. A dirty aircon case looks as though your aircon has not been cleaned for awhile even if you have cleaned both the aircon filters & aircon fan coil.

By using a wet cloth, lightly soak in gentle cleaning chemical, clean the external of your aircon case. Move your hands around gently to clean the exterior before working your way downwards to the aircon fins.

Aircon fins are extremely fragile and cleaning should be done extremely gently to avoid damaging the aircon fins.

Wash Your Aircon Compressor

Most of us tend to forget that there are 2 parts to our air-conditioning. Most of us stop after cleaning our wall mount fan coil. The compressor which is located outdoor is often left untouched.

While many of us fear that cleaning our aircon compressor might be a complicated process, it is actually fairly easy if you follow a few simple rules.

  1. Turn of your main power that connects your compressor to your power point.
  2. Avoid getting water into any of the electrical components or wiring.

As the aircon compressor is placed outdoor, it was build to withstand rain and water that it may come in contact with. By pouring water on the compressor and gently wiping the aircon compressor case with an extended arm, you can clean the exterior of aircon compressor easily.

Use a vacuum to gently run it around the aircon compressor filter to avoid any damage to the filter area.

Clean Your Aircon Ledge

Aircon ledge is the least cleaned area when we consider cleaning our house. The aircon ledge sits our aircon compressor. By understanding how an aircon compressor works, air is drawn from the open air and into your home.

A dirty aircon ledge will have your aircon compressor clogged with dust & dirt easily as air that is suppose to be circulated from the aircon compressor to your room’s aircon. It is advisable to clean your aircon ledge occasionally to reduce the amount of dust & dirt that might get trap on your aircon compressor filter

As most aircon ledge is build outdoor to house our aircon compressor, we do not recommend climbing through the window to reach it but instead, use a long arm broom & water to clean your aircon clean

Get Professional Aircon Service Help

Like many Singaporeans, with our hectic schedule, we tend to forget that our airc-conditioning requires attention. By engaging professional aircon service help on a contract aircon service basis, the aircon service company will contact you to remind you that is it time to have your aircon serviced & inspect.

If you do not have the luxury of time, engaging professional help might be a better choice.