Aircon Water Leaking & How to Fix

With the warm & humid weather in Singapore, many of us are turning to our air conditioner more often to seek refuge from the heat which results in higher wear & tear parts or even malfunctioning of our air conditioning.

Water leaking from the aircon is the most common problem many Singapore homeowners faced. If the ac fails to function thus creating even more stress to homeowners especially those with young children.

There are several factors that contribute to a leaking aircon, below we will list some of the possible scenario and steps you can take to both prevent and troubleshoot should you experience ac water leak.

Common Aircon Water Leak Problems

Faulty AC Pipes

How ac works is such that warm air is being drawn from your room ac to the outdoor compressor which in return produces cool air that is release into your room.

When you are experiencing a faulty ac pipe, the air produce does not flow properly thus resulting in a leak.

As a homeowner, you can inspect to see if your ac pipe is faulty by checking the water leak area to see if there are air leak / gaps around the area.

Dirty AC unit

As with all electronics, a dirty ac unit is usually the cause of many of our ac problems. When the air filters & ac coil is clog with dust & dirt, there may be a blockage in the air flow which results in freezing of your ac unit.

Once you turn of your air conditioning, the frozen bits melts which results in a leaking ac unit

Improper Installation

A properly installed ac unit can last you many years. Most air conditioning offer 3-5 years of warranty which we think when manufacturers offer such extended warranties, their equipment should be able to have a lifespan of longer then the warranty period.

An improper installation is the worst nightmare of any homeowner. The positioning of the ac air & drainpipes is usually the problem to many of the ac water leak. If the drainpipe is installed in a position where water is hard to escape, it will result in water trap within the drainpipe and thus clogging and leaking over time.

As a homeowner, we recommend working with a trust worthy aircon contractor by doing some research online before deciding on the right aircon contractor

Our recommendation

As with all problem that you might face with your ac unit, prevention is always better than cure. A well maintain & service aircon will less likely face aircon water leak problem. By taking sometime monthly to clean your aircon filters, you can understand the condition of your ac unit and if professional ac service help is required, you can contact a trained ac technician to assist you on your aircon services