With so many aircon service companies in Singapore, it can be difficult and challenging to find a reliable aircon service company. A search on google will list plenty of aircon service company but the real question is, how do we choose the right one that we can trust that they do a good job while not overcharging?

Tip 1 – Look for A Locally Registered Aircon Service Company

Before deciding on which aircon service company to choose from, do a search on google on the preferred company. The google results will show you if the company is registered locally. All Singapore businesses are required by law to be registered with ACRA which is the main body that governs business.

Should you find that the company you decide to hire is not a registered business, avoid it at all cost. The last thing you want if anything happens to your aircon during your aircon service warranty period, is a no answer or an irresponsible aircon contractor pushing the blame.

Tip 2 – Choose a One-Stop Aircon Service Provider

Getting different companies to install, service and repair is never a good idea. It is highly advisable to look for one that provides a one-stop aircon service including aircon servicing, aircon chemical overhaul, and aircon contract maintenance and repair works.

This is to ensure that the aircon service company takes full responsibility for making sure your aircon is cool and works.

Tip 3 – Check their Online Reviews Both on Google / Facebook

With internet making the world a small place, it is now easier to find reviews of the aircon service company online. Take some time out to read and check their customers feedback. A reputable aircon service company will easily have hundreds of creditable service reviews indicating that they provide quality service.

If hundreds of customers have used them and recommend them on Google / Facebook, you can’t be too wrong about your decision

Tip 4 – 24/7 on Stand-by

Your air conditioning might break down or a sudden leak might occur during odd hours. In most cases, you want an immediate fix should the scenario be urgent. Therefore, you should choose an aircon service company that provides round the clock aircon support.

Tip 5 – Certified & Trained Professionals

With so many government bodies offering certification, a reputable and trust worthy aircon service company will at least be registered with 1 or more certification. Although there is no requirement for aircon servicing to be certified, you will not want to place your household aircon in the hand of an untrained professional

Tip 6 – Compare Prices

Lastly, as a consumer, you should compare prices and understand what you are getting in return. Be wary of aircon service companies that offer rates that are too good to be true because usually, they will try to charge in other areas which is not a market practice.